Why is your mobile service more expensive than a shop?
Mobile grooming prices can be sticker shock at first, but there are a few things you must consider. As a mobile groomer we spend a good amount of the day driving from house to house, setting up, cleaning up, and making new appointments with customers, therefore we can not groom as many dogs as a stationary shop. I typically average 4-6 dogs per day compared to 8-12 or more per groomer. A larger shop can also hire bathers at low wages to wash and dry dogs, allowing them to charge you less for your groom. Using a mobile groomer like myself, you are getting one skilled professional who will be working on your dog start to finish. Gas and maintenance expenses for our vehicles are costly due to the large amount of miles we drive everyday! Mobile grooming is a specialized luxury service which saves you time, gas, and wear and tear on your car, and above all, provides a much better experience for your dog. Most people agree that this is well worth the extra expense.

Do you discount multiple dog households?
I do give a discount for multiple dogs. You only pay the travel/convenience charge once per visit. You can also get your neighbors involved to save more.

How often should I have my dog professionally groomed?
This will vary depending on the breed you have, the haircut desired and how much work you are willing to do on your own. I typically recommend 4-6 weeks for most dogs, but have customers who do as often as 1 week or as long as 8 weeks. A dog in a shorter haircut can go longer while a dog with more hair may require less time between appointments to keep the hair from matting. We can discuss your dogs personal needs over the phone or at our first appointment and pick a schedule and haircut that works for everyone.

What is matting?
Mats form because hair is covered in tiny scales. When hair is tangled or harshly treated, those scales can stick up, acting like tiny barbs. These barbs catch shed hairs, wooly undercoat hairs, even dirt and debris, knotting and tangling until they form a solid mass of hair that is virtually impossible to comb through.

My dog is already matted and I can't get them out, what can you do?
Some tangles or small mats that are away from the skin can probably be brushed out, but if a dog is severely matted, I will have no choice but to shave the hair. This is the most humane option. Dematting can be very painful for the dog, and is also very time consuming, hard on my hands and my tools, and therefore, very expensive. Even if I were to brush out a severely matted coat, the hair would be so damaged, that it will mat up again almost instantly. If we clip the hair close and start over, the dog will be happier, and the hair will grow in fresh and healthy. Then we can discuss what we can do to get your dog into the longer style that you desire!

How often should I bathe and brush my dog in between appointments?
Different breeds and coat types have different needs, but any breed with longhair needs to be brushed frequently. Shedding breeds with double coats also need brushing to remove loose undercoat and keep the undercoat from clumping together and matting with the outercoat. Bathing is up to you. Some of my customers bathe their dogs frequently in between grooming appointments and some do not bathe at all. If you do chose to bathe you dog, just remember to brush the dog before and after the bath, use a shampoo designed for dogs, and rinse thoroughly so the dogs' skin doesn't become dry and itchy!

What if my dog doesn't let me brush him/her?
You must teach your dog to behave while being brushed! Start out early when he is a puppy if possilbe. You can sit on the floor and tie him to something or have someone hold him for you. Lightly brush him everyday, even if the hair isn't tangled, to make it a quick, easy and enjoyable experience. Remember to reward and praise plenty during this time.

Can I see inside your mobile salon? Can I stay with my dog while you groom?
Yes, you may take a quick tour of my trailer but no you cannot stay while I groom. This is for two reasons. One, most dogs get distracted and misbehave when their parents are around making the grooming more difficult and stressful for both dog and groomer as well as time consuming. Two, my insurance company does not allow the owner to be in the trailer with me while I am working due to liability issues.

My dog has fleas, can you help?
I can do a flea and tick bath with my all natural deflea shampoo. This will kill all the fleas but may not solve the problem. If there are fleas in the house, they may jump right back on the dog when the shampoo wears off. If your dog is not already on a flea and tick treatment such as Frontline, you must start one. We can provide a monthly preventative for a small fee.

Do you express anal glands?
I will perform this service on request or if it is obvious that it needs to be done. Some dogs do not need this done and others are better off having it done internally by their vet.

Do you groom large dogs?
Yes, I will groom almost any breed of any size as long as I can safely handle the dog by myself. If the dog is too difficult for any reason, I may need to refuse service.

Do you accept credit cards?
Yes through Paypal and a small charge will be added to the total bill.

How far in advance do I need to schedule and appointment?
All of my regular customers are on schedules varying from 1-8 weeks so I am always booked in advance. I can usually fit in new customers in 1-2 weeks but it may be longer. At times, I might even be able to squeeze you in immediately if I have some time in your neighborhood or had a cancellation.

How long does the grooming take?
Most dogs are done in 1-2 hours. Some larger or thicker dogs, or dogs with matting can take up to 3 hours.

Do you have evening and weekend appointments?
I currently schedule appointments Monday through Friday during the day. I leave weekends open and may use them for makeups if I need to reschedule due to weather conditions or sickness. I sometimes take late afternoon appointments and work into the early evening, and can make exceptions for a first time customer who works during the day and can not be home until later for our first appointment. If we do this for the first appointment, we need to be able to work out a way for me to get into the house during the day for our future appointments.

Do I need to be home while you groom my dog?
No, many of my customers work and have busy schedules. I just need a way to get into the house whether it be a key, code for garage door, etc. I do require that the customer be present for the first appointment so I can be introduced to the dog and we can discuss the haircut or other concerns.

Do you need to use my water or electric?
No, I am fully self contained.

What is the preferred client program?
This is a program designed for clients who are groomed every 6 weeks or less. This comes in handy during the holiday's when appointment times are in high demand. Preferred Clients will also have the ability to schedule online or have a standing appointment. I also offer delivery of normal pet products such as heavy bags of dog food, treats, grooming supplies, and almost anything that can be purchase at the local pet shop. There is a small fee for the delivery. Preferred clients will also receive $5 off total grooming bill for every new client they refer. Limit one per visit.

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